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    It's a busy week of events and talks this week, but this morning I decided to make the most of a few hours and have a long, autumn walk.  Armed with camera and Bug (my doggy companion) we set off for a  meandering walk.  


    It was a glorious morning - autumn sun shine, crisp leaves to crunch through, fungus growing at the foot of trees, a kingfisher darting along the river (to quick to photograph).  


    I spotted another large fungus (I have no idea of the names) growing on the side of a pile of what can only be describe as tree trunks.  Wandering over I spotted a bee heading in the same direction, and then another one.  Being ever curious when it comes to bees and what they might be up to, I went to investigate where they were going and that's when I spotted it.


    A colony of "wild" or "feral" honey bees living in the tree trunk!!!!


    When I first started keeping bees more than more than 10 years ago, I was taught that due to the problems bees were suffering there were no wild colonies and any there were would be sure to succumb to disease before long.  

    In recent years though I have heard more reports about wild colonies once again, but I didn't expect to see one on my walk this morning!  I have no idea how long this colony of bees has been in this tree trunk, but they well established and have obviously been there some months or longer.  

    Usually bees will chose a cavity with a much smaller hole than this one.  Its easier to defend for one thing.  So I'm a little concerned as to how they will fare during the winter.  However I am sure the bees know far better than we do, and I'm guessing that at the moment with all the warm weather and forage out there the colony is still quite large for the time of year.  

    I'm planning on checking back from time to time to see how they are faring and I'll share news of them as and when I have it.

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  2. Well you know how these things go.  I decided to add some information about the new talks for 2018 on to the website this morning.  But then I wasn't happy with the way the page looked.  Rows and rows of boring text - I switched off just looking at it.  That's not exactly going to get you wanting to read it!  There must be a better way to do it. Pictures would be really nice. . .  

    One thing led to another as they do, and the website ended up with a complete overhaul and a brand new exciting look!!!!

    As I have long wanted a blog I decided now is the perfect time to add a blog page. 

    Now I can share all those fascinating facts about bees with you, tell you about our products and share other news with you.  

    However as it is now the wee small hours, I'm going to have some honey and hot milk and toddle off to bed.  I'll give all the wonderful changes I've made a check to make sure there's no spelling mistakes or errors (if you spot one please let me know) and then I'm going to launch the brand new, updated website. . . .