"Do you sell local honey?"

The short answer is "no not usually".

As I only have a couple of hives, I don't produce much surplus honey.  Any surplus honey the bees can afford to give me is taken from the hives in August.  Most of this surplus will be sold within just a few weeks.

Many local beekeepers with just a few hives are usually sold out of honey by Christmas and long before hayfever season starts.


"Do you know any where I can find local honey?"

Local farm shops, garden centres, butchers and greengrocers are good places to try.  I've spotted local honey in my local chemist, so keep a look out in small local shops.

You could also try contacting your local beekeeping association.  If you search for British Beekeeping Association you'll find the contact details for the beekeeping association in your area.


"I suffer from hayfever.  Will local honey help?"

It is against regulations for beekeepers to say their honey will help hayfever.  This is because to say so would be making a medical claim for honey.  To make a medical claim for a product the product would have to be medically tested to prove the claim.

Many people do believe that local honey does help hayfever.  The reason for this is honey contains traces of pollen from the flowers the bees visited.  By taking a teaspoon or so a day of honey this is believed to build up your immunity to the pollen which is causing your allergy.  However, this is reliant on bees having foraged on the pollen which causes your hayfever.  Different people react to different pollens so whilst honey may help some people it's not going to help everyone.


"Do you sell honey online?"

Again, the short answer is "No".

When I do have a surplus of honey I will take some along to the talks I give.