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Our shampoo is SLS free, and made with oxygenated aloe vera and wheat proteins.  As our shampoo doesn't contain sodium laurel sulphate it has a lower lather than conventional shampoos, but it will gently lather through your hair, enriching with honey and natural wheat proteins softening the hair follicle and leaving your hair more manageable.  The shampoos are mild and gentle with added essential oils.

Our shampoos team well with our honey conditioners for added shine and manageability.

Our honey conditioners are paraben free.  They gently moisturise & nourish leaving your hair naturally bouncy and manageable.

And as you'd expect our honey shampoos and conditioners contain honey from our own beehives

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We use PET bottles and for our hair care, because they look good, they're durable and they can be recycled.