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All our beeswax candles are handrolled using sheets of beeswax embossed with a honeycomb design. 

Beeswax (as the name suggests) is produced by young honey bees.  It is used to build comb which is then used for rearing of young bees or for storing honey or pollen.  Natural beeswax varies in colour from a pale golden colour to a deeper gold.  It burns with a wonderful warm honey smell and a bright light.

We use only pure cotton wick which has been hand dipped in molten beeswax.  This seals the little air pockets in a braided cotton wick and helps to ensure a smooth splutter free burn and helps your candle to last a little longer.  A hand dipped wick is the sign of a superior handcrafted candle!  The wicks are carefully chosen for the size of the candle to optimise burn time.

We do not use any scent in our candles, prefering the natural smell of the pure beeswax.

Beeswax candles are said to emit a negative ion as they burn which attracts dust particles and allergens in the air.  Burning beeswax candles is therefore believed to be beneficial for sufferers of airborne allergies.

To obtain the maximum burn time from your candles make sure they are placed in a draught free place.  Do not group candles too closely together.

Never leave a burning candle unattended and always place on a suitable surface before lighting.