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All our soaps are made by the the traditional cold process method which combines oils, butters and beeswax and saponifies them (I love that word and had to get it in somehow!)  Honey and essential oils (or fragrance oils) are added and sometimes pumice, clays or oatmeal and the liquid soap is poured into moulds to gel and set.  After 48 hours the soap is turned out, handcut and left to cure on our soap racks for 4 - 6 weeks before being handwrapped. 

This creates a gentle and mild soap that lathers fantastically and can be used as a shampoo or even for shaving! 

Due to their handmade nature, the soaps may differ slightly from the images shown.  As the soaps are handcut the weights will vary slightly.

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Our soaps are wrapped in greaseproof paper and brown paper because we think they look great, and because its environmentally friendly