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Sawbones products all contain a specially chosen blend of essential oils.  Many years ago, before alternative remedies were as popular as they were today my Dad was very interested in and practicing alternative remedies.  To help his wife's back injury he came up with a blend of essential oils containing analgesic and anti-inflamatory properties (amongst others) which gave a lot of relief.  

For a number of years this blend of essential oils was added to a massage oil and sold as Rheumatisim Oil.  Then along came changes in legislation which meant that medical claims could not be made for products that had not been tested.  Dad's life headed in a different direction and the recipe ended up sitting in a drawer.  Every so often it was mentioned that something should be done with this receipe, may be it should be left to a family member in his Will, as it was felt that it should be available once again.

Then Michelle started keeping bees and using the beeswax and honey in various products.  When Michelle got married it was decided that she should have the receipe as a wedding present.  For a while Michelle wondered what on earth she was going to do with this receipe, after all the products she made all contained beeswax and honey, it was what she was known for.  Then inspiration struck – honey and beeswax were also anti-inflamatory etc.  The blend of essential oils could be added to a balm!  And how about a bath soak with Epsom Salts which are good for drawing out toxins, as well as the benefits of the honey and essential oils?

Why is it called Sawbones Salve and Sawbones Soak?  Well these days Dad makes western costumes, and with his interest in alternative remedies his western nickname is “Sawbones”.


 This product has not been medically tested and we can therefore make no medical claims for it.  Also, along with all products containing essential oils, if you are pregnant or have a medical condition you should seek advice before using this product.  Not suitable for children.